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Are you ready for the tour of the tent car?

2021-01-25 15:10:57

Travel in a trailer tent car is very easy now. Both can satisfy the pleasure of walking parking, but also can bring a safe and comfortable family, enjoy the journey in the RV. But RV trips are usually long trips, so be prepared before you go. Now let's see what we need to prepare.

1. Get ready to buy a reliable RV to meet your basic needs. Prepare food, daily necessities, etc.

2. Identify the Travelers Travelers decide the development of the travel route, including the elderly and children, for whom they need to make special plans.

3. Cost In order to prepare for the phone bill, the RV needs to be equipped with various equipment, including insurance, propane, fuel to replenish the generator, and replenish cargo.

4. Choose the right RV It's important to choose the right RV for you. First, you should carefully consider the brand, construction, configuration, comfort and utility of the RV within your budget.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you decide to buy food and kitchen supplies. Inside the RV, water is important. Use plenty of water to wash dishes and all vegetables that need to be washed, dried, and refrigerated, if necessary, if there is parking next to the water supply and waste pipe holes. But if you're driving an RV for the first time, you don't know much about what's going on. Go to the supermarket and pick up some washing vegetables, pre-processed meat, some frozen vegetables, a package of paper plates and some instant noodles. You can wash the dishes when there is no water.

6. Driving an RV is different from driving a minibus. Compared with a small car, an RV starts slowly and has a longer braking distance. The RV may wobble in strong winds. So, not only be prepared mentally, but also be prepared technically. Use caution and patience when driving an RV. Second, RVs also consume more fuel. We should always pay attention to the amount of fuel. Don't drag until the fuel is used up. If you know that much, do you know anything about RV travel? I hope I can help you.