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How to easily cope with the pitfalls of traveling in a trailer tent car

2021-01-25 15:16:00

Tent-trailer driving is always a lot of fun, but there are plenty of "just in case" things that can happen during travel. Only with adequate preparation in advance can we be fearless on the ground. Now, everybody - get up and look at this!

Accidents are no longer a problem!

When the weather changes, being able to take your family along a highway or country road in the crisp autumn air in your RV is a great way to collect your holiday. But the weather is always different when you go out.

Due to the high weight of the saloon car, some saloon car compartment impact resistance is weak, it is recommended that we encounter rain and snow wind or through the road construction area, to slow down.

When it rains or rains, try to avoid standing water. -- Generally speaking, they don't leave after half a pregnancy. If the rain gets heavy or your driving is not good, you should find a shelter and don't rush any further. When it thunders, hide in your car or nearby buildings as soon as possible. Do not take shelter in the forest.

The wind

If the wind has disrupted the RV, everyone must leave the RV or temporarily drive to a less open area for shelter.

The fog

When driving in fog, Bian suggests you should pull to a safe area or parking lot on the side of the road and wait until the fog clears before moving on. If you need to continue driving, you should pay attention to control the speed, turn on fog lights, tail lights, width indicator lights and near-light lights, and make the most of the light

Lights can improve visibility and make clear the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

Special reminder: Do not use high beams when driving in foggy days.

In fact, according to the feedback of most riders, the vast majority of adverse weather conditions are just drizzle and hazy vision. In case of bad weather, don't panic. If that doesn't work, let's find a safe place to park. Don't leave until the weather is fine!